Thursday, August 18, 2016

How My Miss B Stays Active With Nutri10 Plus Syrup from Wert PH

A splendid day to you, mon amis 
I am pleased to share with you today on the blog, my current #momfind ;)
When our little Miss B was younger, maybe around one and two years old,
she really had a big appetite, she would eat anything, from spaghetti to soups,
really, anything that we cooked or bought. But when she got older, she became
quite cautious of what she eats. Miss B would only eat rice, bread, eggs, 
and potatoes. And of course, all kinds of sweets. She takes all of her vitamins 
and she is very healthy, so I thought, maybe, she is simply not a foodie, 
or maybe she just doesn't really like eating.

 But, I remembered 
that Belle's multivitamins is the same one she has been taking since
she was an infant. She is four years old now, and when she started
her pre-kindergarten classes last Summer, of course, she doesn't
eat much, and she wasn't eating her snacks. This June, she 
started school, and, I knew I must find a new multivitamins for Belle,
because her school hours are a little longer, so she needs to have 
great appetite to eat her snacks. I tried a few other leading vitamin
 brands for our Miss B, but, none of them helped improve her appetite.

Luckily, I found the new Nutri 10 Plus Syrup. 
And being a new mom myself, I'm very strict with what vitamins
and nutrients it has to offer, but yes, I'm thrilled that it has the right 
vitamins and nutrients that every growing children need. 
And it is high in vitamin C which is a real plus for me.

I tried it for Belle, and, yes, indeed, all the other moms were right
about Nutri10. The very same day that Belle took Nutri10,
she ate all the food I gave her. She now eats soups again, 
and she is trying other foods as well again. And, our little
Miss B is positively more active than before. She clearly has
more added energy, and, genuinely, more lively than before.
Another bonus is that Belle loves the taste of Nutri10, unlike
her other vitamins, Belle can easily take in Nutri10 with ease.
 I'm really glad I found Nutri10, my little Miss B is now a foodie again
and we can all try out the newest restaurants with her ;)

Try the magic of Nutri10 too, you can get Nutri10 Plus Syrup at all 
leading drugstores nationwide 


  1. Oh, such a sweet lovely girl! Reminded of me, eating all kind of sweets and bread, rice and potatoes! A goo supplement or vitamins are really important. Even now I need them, because I continue to be a fussy eater! I hope you have a very nice day!

  2. Great review and tour baby its so cute.

  3. Nice, I just give my son those vitamin gummies which are like lollies so of course he never forgets to have them & sometimes even tries to ask for more haha


    1. That is wonderful, my daughter is too young for those though, she will love those too soon!

  4. She's such a darling! My boy is only two and we've already started him on vitamins because we are strong believe in supplements. He's starting to be picking with what he eats too but so far he still loves his vegetables.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

    1. Thanks, Shireen! Yes, being a picky eater is quite common in toddlers.

  5. Oh this sound great! You princess is so beautiful. Thanks for sharing this.


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