Monday, October 10, 2016

Tupperware Brands Unveils New Baby And Mommy Products

I am quite sure all of us grew up with Tupperware food storage
boxes/bins. As a little girl, my mother had many and, I was 
delighted by the different colors and shapes of the boxes, 
sometimes I used them for playing too. 
Delighting and helping us with our household needs for over
68 years, and 50 years in the Philippines, Tupperware Brands
have become a word class brand. They have also expanded with
different products like makeup, body care and perfumes
for men and women. And this 2016, they unveiled
mommy and baby skin care products. 

Knowing that the Tupperware brand is the father of plastic food 
containers and the fine quality of their products, I 
already know their skin care line will be equally great and first class.

 Their children's skin care line includes shampoos and 
liquid body washes, Baby Care Plus for infants 
and Kids Plus for toddler to pre-school age.
Both shampoos and body washes have Plantapon and Cetiol,
a new substance used for body washes and shampoos, which is 
natural and organic, thumbs up for that. It is mild on children's
 skin, and gentle on eyes too. I really loved the Kids Plus body
wash for my Miss B, it truly smells so good! Both shampoos 
also have conditioners too. 

The Baby Care Plus and Kids Plus line also have
body lotions and powders, and colognes. 
Both colognes for the Kids Plus and Baby Care Plus have Hydroplus 
formula, also a plant based organic formulation to prevent dryness. 
Both colognes share the same fragrance as their respective
shampoos and body washes.

The baby powders for Kids Plus and Baby Care Plus
also smells as good as the shampoos and body washes, which
smells so good. Both have Allantoin, also a plant based formulation
to prevent skin irritation.

My favorite of the bunch is absolutely the Kids Plus lotion!
It smells so lovely, and it has Nectarine, also an organic 
formula to prevent against pollution. Really suitable
for this age group as kids can be very active, and for 
play times outside or inside the home.

There is also a bonus for moms like me ;)
Tupperware Brands also made a line for moms.
Mom Care Plus also have the organic formulations such as
the Cocos Nucifera Oil, on the
 Mom Care Plus Ultra Moisturizing Bar
 for softer skin and hydrates skin all day long. I used 
this, and it is quite mild, great for maintaining our skin's softness.
It also has shea butter-every woman's ambrosia ;)

The Mom Plus Soothing Relief Balm is very handy. 
It has Eucalyptus Oil and Peppermint so the effect has
a minty scent. I love it because the odor is not strong
and not suffocating. Miss Belle also agrees with the fragrance.

And, of course, every moms' must have, 
the Mom Care Plus Stretch Mark Cream. 
After a few weeks after using it, it did made a difference. 
Reduced the appearance of stretchmarks. 

I highly recommend the children's and moms' skin care line from
Tupperware Brands. They are all organic and not harsh 
on your skin and your children's.
The Baby Care Plus, Kids Plus, and Mom Care Plus
are also perfect for those with vegan and organic only lifestyles.


  1. No kiddos for me yet, but this is great to know!
    xo Annie
    New England Romance

  2. I had no idea Tupperware stretched out into this?! Whaaaat?!


  3. The packaging is so cute, sounds likge great products.
    Nina's Style Blog

  4. Cute post!
    Mademoiselle Coconath

  5. Oh wow that is kind of crazy. But this line sounds so good, especially the necter cream for kids, I just may get that for myself.

    Allie of

    1. The Nectarine cream also has an anti-aging substance so, yes, even I use it on myself too ;)

  6. I have no kids but these would be great for them

  7. Cool, I had no idea Tupperare did baby products!

  8. Well make a wrinkle in my brain! WOW Go ahead Tupperware. I'd love to try these out as I'm super curious now. Thanks for sharing.

  9. love tupperware and so happy that they will have new items for babies we are in the grandbaby season of our lives and ready to spoil them
    come see us at

  10. Very cool! Sounds like a really nice line!!

  11. Love that there's some for baby and some for mommy

  12. Wow! I had NO idea that Tupperware made products besides food storage! That is so cool!

  13. This is great. I love when a product works out well and you feel really good supporting it! :-)

  14. I'm really glad that such products are coming into the mainstream for children. No more harsh chemicals and toxic products!

  15. I'm really glad that such products are coming into the mainstream for children. No more harsh chemicals and toxic products!

  16. I'm really glad that such products are coming into the mainstream for children. No more harsh chemicals and toxic products!

  17. Wow, I had no idea Tupperware had created a body product line! That's really neat.

  18. Thanks for sharing this info! I'm interested in this new line!

  19. I had no idea that Tupperware was doing anything but plastic boxes! That's an interesting development.

  20. I had no clue Tupperware added this to their product offering. Very interesting! Sounds like lovely products perfect for baby. We don't have kids yet, but I'll definitely explore these new products further!

  21. Tupperware makes shampoo and other products?! Wow, I had no idea! That's really neat!

  22. I never heard of this brand before but I might get some for my niece. xx

  23. That is so interesting that they are branching out into these types of products. I would have never thought that. They definitely look worth a try!


  24. Neat! I love seeing brands venturing out and rebranding themselves.

  25. I actually love using baby products for myself because they're so clean and gentle! I'll have to ditch the Johnson & Johnson for a bit and try this!

  26. Great to know of these amazing products! I don't have kids yet, but will definitely suggest this to my sister who does!

  27. Tupperware has gone on to create body care and mom care products? Who knew??
    If I didn't come across your post, I wouldn't have known - and vegan plus organic properties? I'd say that's pretty amazing. Will have to go look at their products in greater detail...

  28. Wow Tupperware made a line for children? Thats awesome! xo

  29. That's so interesting to me, I would never think of Tupperware and skincare in the same sentence.

    La Belle Sirene 


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