Saturday, January 27, 2018

Would you like to come to tea?

I do love teatime with my little miss.
I'm glad she enjoys having a hot drink 
in the afternoon after her siesta time.
But, Belle only drinks hot chocolate or milk 
for now.
As a six year old girl, she makes a 
great conversationalist, and she does 
appreciate these moments more now.
 We love talking about
anything under the sun, and, I hope that she'll
have good memories about our teatime.

Our Belle is quite fascinated with birds.
Though her interests change from time 
to time, she really is very fond of the lovely
beings. We never leave the house without her
furry friends, and, also at bedtime,
we have Belle's dear friends looking after her
as she sleep. What are your favorite bonding moments
with your children?

Royal Albert Old Country Roses is one of my
favorite china patterns. 

My love 💖



  1. How cute yes I will like a cup of Tea

  2. This is so sweet, I like the idea about having tea time!

  3. Afternoon tea is my favorite thing to do. Love this cute shot!

  4. What a lovely idea! She´s so cute! I just love the photos ☃ ❄

    Blog de la Licorne

  5. It's very nice time to tea! :) very, very sweet! :)

  6. amazing post! really sweet photos <3 I love this!
    kisses from Poland :*

  7. How sweet Belle is fascinated by birds at the moment, that's adorable! This setting looks so dreamy and beautiful :)

  8. So cute and sweet idea!!!!
    Belle looks adorable! :D

  9. She looks and sounds so cute!!! What a lovely idea to have tea time with your little girl!

    Olga from Myme

  10. She’a is adorable and it’s so nice that you get to do this little things with her! These will be for sure memories she’ll treasure for ever :)

    TheNotSoGirlyGirl // Instagram // Facebook

  11. Aww the cutest girl <3

  12. This is too darn cute! I have the same china pattern and when my kids were young, we would have afternoon tea parties. It was a fun way to do something when it was too cold and snowy to be outside. xx Rox-Anne Celebrating This Life

  13. What a fun and fabulous tea party!!

    xx, Elise

  14. This is so sweet.
    I don't have my own children yet but I like baking with my nephew. That's our bonding time.


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