Sunday, April 29, 2018

Helping Princess Malice!

kiddyzuzaa land

Good Morning, princesses! 
Are you ready for a new, exciting 
episode of our modern princesses from
Kiddyzuzaa? Here is another sneak preview
of the fourth episode of the darling 
heroines of Kiddyzuzaa Land! 

If you are new to Kiddyzuzaa, it is a new, 
animated series of modern day princesses
based on the world hit Youtube channel Kiddyzuzaa!
In collaboration with @Wildbrain for the animation.
In the fourth episode, of course, we all know
Princess Malice to be always looking for mischief,
and always try to give the other princesses a hard time.
But, this time, Princess Malice instead, doesn't
seem to care to do bad things to them. Worried and 
curious, Princesses Olivia, Lilliana, and Esme
try to find out what's wrong with Princess Malice.
Will they succeed? Find out in the fourth episode here!

youtube kiddyzuzaa

youtube kiddyzuzaa land

Visit the magical world of Kiddyzuzaa here,
and see more videos!

 #kiddyzuzaaland #notjustaprettyprincess

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