Thursday, May 3, 2018

Kiddyzuzaa Ep 5, A Little Discovery!

kiddyzuzaa land

Good day, my dear princesses! 
Our new favorite princess series is getting 
more and more exciting each episode, right?
I'm sure you all can't wait, but, here is the preview
of the fifth episode! Princesses Esme and Olivia
are having a stroll in the woods when something
led them to Princess Malice's tower. 
There, they discovered their old yearbook.
They brought it with them home and discovered
that they are the reason why Princess Malice
turned evil! Together, they try 
to apologize to Princess Malice, will they be
forgiven, or really, are they the real reason why
Princess Malice turned all evil? 
Find out here on episode 5!

kiddyzuzaa land wildbrain 
kiddyzuzaa land youtube wildbrain @wildbrain

Ooh this is probably one of my favorite episodes!
Find out more videos from our lovely princesses
here at Kiddyzuzaa Land, or more well loved animations
and brilliant kids from @Wildbrain here!

#kiddyzuzaaland #notjustaprettyprincess


  1. I love Princess/Animation stories especially when they have a good moral lesson at the end.

  2. Scuh a beautiful


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