Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Jeulia Ladies' Fashion Rings

Only twelve days left before it's Christmas!
Everyday, I just feel that wonderful Christmas vibe.
The Christmas tree, the holiday decorations,
and of course, a hot coco in hand, such a lovely
feeling it is. I know all of us are busy with our own
holiday events and preparations, the Christmas dinner
menu, holiday outfits, detailed Christmas decors, and
gifts. Speaking of gifts, have you finished shopping for
presents yet? We are almost done crossing names in our 
gift list. I also got some of the presents online. You 
know, for those lovely people who have quite unique
and hard to find obsessions (like me :)). 
But, yes, there are really nice things that will make 
for great presents online, and we can always find better
deals too. 

I know we always have people in our lives that are,
indeed, very hard to shop for. Maybe it's your mother
in law or your boss. For these darlings, sometimes, 
we tend to give them food instead, or, spa certificates.
But, you could also be a fairy godmother this Christmas
and give them jewelry. Of course, it doesn't have to be
extremely expensive. There are jewelers now that offer
quality stones at a good price. Like the ones I have seen
at Jeulia. I have seen their fashion rings and the designs 
are all very pretty, and they are very affordable and not so
expensive. This is also a great choice for gentlemen
who are on a budget but still want to give their partners
a pretty bauble for Christmas. Thoughtful gents can 
choose rings for her in their wide selection of 
beautifully designed rings and are sure to find one
that will suit their partner's taste.

One additional good thing is that dinner ring and 
almost all products are on sale, perfect for the holidays.
I've chosen some of my favorites from 
their collection. I absolutely love the two 
stone flower ring ;)

butterfly round cut

sunflower sterling silver

halo round cut
two stone flower ring

Wishing you a beautiful holiday season 💖



  1. nice rings, I really love the sunflower rings

  2. Loved the halo round cut

  3. These rings are so lovely and nice.

  4. Lovely ring.

  5. Very elegant rings 😊

  6. The rings are beautiful especially the two stone flower ring.
    Have a great week.


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