Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Flights Of Fancy

home wall paper

Hello friends. I hope you are all safe and healthy
right now. And we must always remember to keep
a clear and calm mind. Stay positive.

On some good news, I truly love our new dining room
wallpaper! We have a not so wide and not too narrow wall 
beside the cupboard under the stairs. And I thought it was a 
great spot for a wall makeover. A new painting was the idea at
first, but I really gave in to the lovely wallpaper prints at Photowall.

Photowall is a notable Swedish company that is truly dedicated
in giving the best prints, and they work with well known artists and 
even have their own pool of designers.

Choosing a print was really hard because there are so many 
that I like! I chose this enchanting scene of plants, vines, sparrows 
and blackbirds. Almost jungle-like vines looking pretty. There are 
designs similar to this one that I absolutely love, ones that have
animals and plants. I know the wall is not wide so a design with small 
prints is ideal, but-I still ended up picking this, but I love it!

birds and plants wall paper

This is my first time using a wallpaper, my husband wasn't home 
and I was worried it will look messy or worse, waste the wallpaper tiles.
But, it turned out okay and it was fun to put it up! 
I was even scared to measure up the wall before, but it's really fun 
to do and my daughter helped put the wallpaper glue. 

bird wall paper

Their paper tile is of high quality and the print too-
I picked the premium print style. It's also true what they say
on the website, Photowall ships very fast. When I placed my order,
the package came here just after a few days.

photo wall wall paper

wall paper

Photowall has so many beautiful prints to choose
from. They also have wall murals and posters. You can
also upload your own image and turn it to a wallpaper or poster!
You will surely find something to your taste! And when you finally
picked you can use my code "theflowerduetblogspot2021
for a gift of 25% off on our purchase! 

Some of my favorites
Vintage flower

tea time at home

 Now, we can have tea with our new friends 🐦🐤☕


  1. I like Photowall's wallpaper; 'very beautiful and serene. And the one you chose is very colorful and fun. I like that the site has customized design option too. Stay safe and have a wonderful weekend.

    1. Indeed, they have lovely prints. Thank you, you too, dear!

  2. That wallpaper is gorgeous! Hope all is well with you! It truly is a crazy time, being stuck inside for the most part. But I'm trying to stay positive as well. :)

    Make Life Marvelous

  3. Oh wow that beautiful wallpaper, it's going to be the prettiest backdrop! xo

    Makeup Muddle

  4. Wow! So stunning! This wallpaper belongs in a magazine :)


  5. That wallpaper looks so lovely and relaxing! I love flowers and birds! <3

  6. Love the print is absolutely beautiful bring life to a room.

  7. You picked a lovely design and that accent wall looks great. It's good to hear it was easy to put up. I've shied away from wallpaper because the installation seemed like it would be a hassle.

  8. This wallpaper is so pretty and I love how it brightens up the room!

    I hope you have a fabulous week!



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