Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Cherish the Memories with Petite Keep Keepsake Trunks

petite keep luxury keepsake trunks

In days past, a young woman would have had a hope chest to fill with items that she would eventually take with her when she got married. Linens, family heirlooms, lace and so on would fill the box, in anticipation of her future. Times have changed, but the desire most Americans have to keep cherished heirlooms intact—for the benefit of their children and grandchildren—has not. 

Keepsakes are tangible proof of a person’s life experience, and they carry significant meaning. The idea of placing such important pieces of her children’s history in a plastic bin seemed wrong to Petite Keep founder Lindsay Mullenger. She wanted something better for mementoes from the birth and babyhood of her three beautiful daughters and so 

Petite Keep was born.

baby memento boxbaby keepsake box

These classically designed and elegant keepsake boxes are not just for storage, but are meant to be displayed and viewed, creating an important reminder of valuable memories and a timeless, functional way to store little treasures. 

They are the perfect one-of-a-kind baby gift, as each is personalized and made to order by hand. 

There are multiple styles available, each customizable with a choice of box color, embroidered initials, name or monogram in a choice of fonts, as well as a choice of interior lining options. 

baby memento box

Add an engravable gold heart padlock to complement the gold hardware on each keepsake box for the perfect gift any new parent would love to receive.

baby monogrambaby memento

The Petite Classic and Grand Classic are also available as a bundle, pictured below in gray: 

baby memories keepsake box

While these beautifully made keepsake boxes are ideal as a baby gift, there are many other wonderful reasons to gift them, including weddings, milestone birthdays and other major life events, such as college graduation.

baby keepsake

Renew the tradition of having a perfect place to store and display family mementos and keepsakes with Petite Keep. It’s the kind of gift that will be cherished for years and even generations to come.



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