Thursday, October 30, 2008

Starter firefireghter's wife

My boyfriend finally graduated garduated from fire academy! I am so happy and proud of him. The only downside is.. He's always away. Most of the times his shifts are 24 hours. And last week, a firefighter died and he's gone for the whole week.

The other night I was so lonely. I really miss him. I tried doing some other things, finishing a novel I've been working on but not a single word came out. I don't want want to go out or with friends anyway. When my husband was still on training, I've been reading blogs by firefighter's wives and they write about the same things. That their husbands are always away. And now, I know it.

I understand it. I really do. Its just that miss him like crazy. I'll get through this. And I'm just starting anyway. I'm just not used that he's always gone and not at home at night.

Becoming a firefighter is a calling. And, these wonderful women taught me that being a firefighter's wife is also a calling. Yes, I may be worried about him day and night. But I have to be tough.

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