Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Salut Madames !

So yesterday my husband came back home. H e said just three or four blocks away there was a man who was acting crazy. The EMS crew were out that moment so the firefighters accommodated the man. When they were about to put him in the stretcher the man refused and the ambulance came and he kept refusing. Reluctantly, the man was brought to the hospital. Then his wife came and when talking to his wife, he was just normal, but when the police and the firefighters were looking at him he acts like a man experiencing a stroke or...

Later, they got stories, and, turns out, the man actually stabbed his niece and now hiding for committed homicide or..

Any idea what to have for dinner? I think I'll chose some of..

Escargots Bourguignon
Bruschetta de Flageolets
Salade Douce et Amère
Poulet à la Provençale
Filet de Boeuf Sauce au Poivre
Filet de Boeuf aux Morilles

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