Saturday, January 23, 2021

Top Waist Trainers

Most of us have been stuck at home the past year. And yes,
even today we must stay indoors in our homes as it
is still not safe outside. A lot of us entertained ourselves 
with watching tv shows, movies, games, books or cooking
for our family. Oh, do share some of your activities while 
quarantined! And we worked at home too. There is also
the fact that some people had some issues with mental
health last year. Of course, having to stay indoors, and repeating
a home routine each day can put a toll on us. 

One of our favorite thing to do too was to cook and eat. 
And some have even  upgraded their cooking skills
during self isolation. And thus, some of us have gained 
weight. Seeing the related memes on my feed, they really
had me laughing and I can truly relate. 
I know, society is forcing us to be productive while in
quarantine, but, of course we are only human, and the
state of things can affect us mentally. I admit, there were days that
I didn't have the energy to do some things. But with the
proper motivation we made it through.

Today, I make it a point to exercise if not daily, at least 
five times a week. And speaking of fitness, I have been
seeing and reading a lot about women waist trainer belt s.
My social media feeds have been full of photos of them!
I've read that it's best to wear waist trainers for eight hours.
And this can be great for when you're doing chores or
on the computer or just on Netflix! Thought I'd give it a try and 
searched them, and I think  shaper shorts would be best for me. 
They look easy to use and the lace trimmed ones really
look great. 

I do love the ones from Feelingirl waist trainer s
Their shapers are great, look pretty too and theirs are 
very affordable. 
Below are my favorite shapers from them



  1. Yes I think many of us are eating more during lockdown or those that can afford it. But indeed these will so come in handy until the results of the exercise kick in

    Allie of

  2. It's so true... These pieces look so helpful! Have a beautiful day.

  3. It's so true... These pieces look so helpful! Have a beautiful day.

  4. I love the colours too =) Yes I can't wait too :D

    Interesting post. This waist trainers look pretty great =)

  5. These look so interesting!

    Molly -

  6. thanks for this review!
    this looks so cool!!


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