Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Gaming: GreedFall - All The Gorgeous Details

Greedfall teer fradee map

Greedfall teer fradee
Look at the beautiful details and the illustrations in this game map.
It's stunning.

I just started playing GreedFall recently, and I am loving
the game. The game follows De Sardet, that's you, 
in a quest to find a cure for a plague in their continent.
Travel to New Serene and also find out about secrets
of the place and the natives and about De Sardet's mark 
on her cheek. I play as a female De Sardet, already in
New Serene. 

I've played other games with beautiful graphics, but
  the GreedFall world is the best place for me.
I'm just really in love with the world of GreedFall.
All the details in the graphics are stunning. Really
brilliant work by the developers. Sometimes, I just walk
around and check out the scenery, and every little thing
is looking beautiful and for sure has a lovely special touch to it.
I'm pretty sure I've taken hundreds of screenshots within
days of playing.

It's like a beautiful, quaint, romantic European city.
And the other city, San Matheus is
also so nice. And the houses near the governor's palace,
and your own residence is a lovely little home.
I think Teer Fradee is a very beautiful world to live in,
minus the Malichor of course.

Greedfall ps4
All those carvings on the banister are beautiful.
And the tiny details on the chandelier


Greedfall constantin

greedfal de sardet

greedfall paintings

greedfal europe

greedfall 17th century
I am in love with the little details on everything, and the map on globe

GreedFall graphics

GreedFall New Serene

GreedFall PS4

GreedFall governor's palace



  1. Very amazing pictures and detais. Have a beautiful day!

  2. This game is interesting! Love the scenery and details.

  3. It is crazy how good graphics are on games now than when I was a kid!!


  4. I've never heard of this before, but I'm more of a Super Mario gamer, haha. Beautiful graphics though on this one!!

    Make Life Marvelous

  5. I agree withe you, the details is amazing... kisses



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