Friday, February 12, 2021

Gold Necklaces Gift Ideas For Valentine's Day

pearl pendant necklace

Valentine's day is here! Now we anticipate the barrage of
photos of Valentine's day presents on social media 
come Sunday. I know this is a day about love, being in
love with someone, basically the beauty of being of in love.
As a happily married wife, I do love Valentine's day
because I have my wonderful partner with me, and it
is of course very sweet to celebrate it with a partner.

Being in love with your soul mate is truly beautiful and 
magical. But also is being in love with yourself. 
Today in modern times, empowering ourselves, having confidence
 and knowing what we want and our purpose is a must. Because
of course, we must love ourselves first, right?
And to me, Valentine's day is a great opportunity 
to celebrate our love for ourselves. We can buy things for ourselves
because we can, and not wait for others to get it for us.
So if you are thinking of getting yourselves some Valentine's day
love, why not try some lovely jewelry? And if you are a man or woman
looking for gift ideas for your partner, she may love these too!
I've curated below some gorgeous pearl pendant gold necklaces that
 are not overly expensive and are also on my own must buy list. 

I love a good pearl pendant necklace. Pearls are beautiful,
and a pearl pendant necklace is chic and casual and you
can wear it with a street style or a dressy outfit.

aurate new york gold necklace
Pearl Pendant Gold Necklaces

This one from Aurate New York looks pretty and the gold piece
that holds the pearl gives it a modern, unique look. And I also
love that the pearl is not perfectly round but more of a pebble 
shape and that truly gives this necklace a 
stunning, contemporary feel.

affordable pearl necklace
The Pearl Company South Sea Pearl Pendant
I love the tear drop shape of the pearl, it's not too oblong. 
I can imagine this necklace with fitted sweaters.

oro china gold necklace
Orochina Yellow Gold and Fresh Water Pearl pendant

This is one of my favorites from this selection of pearl pendants.
It's very simple and classic, great for day to day wear, and
even for dressier occasions.

Pearl inside a heart shaped 18k gold pendant

The gold heart in this one looks so sweet and pretty,
and surely makes the perfect Valentine's day present!
It beautiful and elegant, I think I would get this
for my daughter!

The Littl Large Pearl Pendant in 14k yellow gold

This pearl pendant necklace looks gorgeous, and would
make for a great everyday piece. The golden circle
that holds the pearl is really what caught my eye, it looks
elegant too.

I wish you a beautiful Valentine's day celebration with your 
partner, family and even just with yourself!



  1. All are beautiful. Thanks for sharing.
    I hope you'll visit my blog soon. Have a good week-end!

  2. These are gorgeous. Perfect for Valentine's Day!



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